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spiritual warfare

Battle between good and evil

the battle between good and evil
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This website is for those people who feel as if they want to be with God but seem to have evil forces fighting them. It is for those who feel that devils and demons torture them through voices, thoughts, etc. Note: this site is for those who GREATLY DESIRE to be good people and who DO NOT WANT TO EMBRACE EVIL. This is spiritual warfare and God will WIN. We are just hear to help you along. If you can relate to what i am saying you ARE NOT CRAZY, shouldn't be in a mental hosptial, and should definetly not be on corrective medications (like risperidol and/or zyprexa). This is for people (like myself) who want to defeat satans will and essentially his kingdom. The devil wants to make us miserable. He wants us to live in eternal suffering feeling that nobody, not even God loves us. But satan is a LIAR and sometimes we all just need someone to help us see this. even just a stranger on the internet. You are not alone and GOD REALLY DOES LOVE YOU.